Expert in Containerize Camp Furnishing

Portable containerize camp unit for remote work site, such as living, recreation, office, mess, kitchen and other units are design by our architectural and design people prior to start the interior. Floor plan is uniquely design for each unit and all the work exterior and internal an décor and furnishing, window and doors etc. will be built as per agreed floor plan and specs with the client.

We have our in-house carpentry shop which is equipped with industrial machines and equipment and run by experience supervisor and craftsman to deliver the customize camp furnishing in time and as per client requirement.

Window and doors can be selected as per client requirement.

Since most of the portable camp unit associated with the drilling rig they move from one place to other very frequently. We design and construct the interior strong to keep safe while moving in remote areas.

In addition to the remote area camp manufacturing we can offer from our in-house carpentry shop the following:

  • The Shipping Container Coffee House
  • Recreational and camping vehicle Interior furnishing
  • Log house, wooden cabin, guard cabin
  • Ware house in Container
  • Eco Home Interior
  • Prefab House interior
  • Furniture for Hotel and Motel and much more

If you want to see the demo model of a relaxing and coziness and spacious camp unit you can visit us to check the units or call us for more detail:

Our craftsman and supervisor are looking forward to helping you to prepare architectural design and floor plan as per your customize requirement:

We use highest grade of hardwood, timbers, MDF and laminated sheet to process the products as per drawing and design.

Always implementing the best solution with expertise and passion makes Zia the perfect partner for complete cabin interiors: from interior furniture, compartments to lavatories, from space optimization concepts to fascinating multimedia entertainment, from pleasant-to-touch surfaces to an appealing appearance. They are designed to make you 'feel just like at home when you are in the remote area at work'.

Expert in Containerize Camp Furnishing!