Zia offers cleaning services for all communal areas, such as warehouses and buildings:

We provide a clean, comfortable and safe environment at the remote camp and at your offices and site plants. When employees feel good about their work environment, they’re more effective and productive.

Zia Housekeeping services have been structured with the experienced and well-trained Technical Supervisors and Labor in the field of Housekeeping services, Horticulture, with latest techniques and utility of machineries.

Cleanliness of the facilities

The well-being of our residents is directly impacted by the cleanliness and tidiness of the communal and private living areas.

Zia ensures a clean and comfortable environment, which improves the quality of our residents’ downtime and boosts our clients’ productivity. As part of our cleaning services, we only use environmentally-friendly equipment and products.

COVID-19 cleaning & hygiene services

We’re extremely proud that our expert cleaning teams have supported and continue to support the our client and to our own catering services through the Covid-19 pandemic providing isolation unit to stay in isolation as per NCOC guideline and WHO recommendation. In addition to it we also deploy specially train team for deep cleaning, preventive spray etc.

Waste Management

In order to limit our waste and the cost of waste management, Zia adopts a proactive approach, starting from the supply phase: our choice of products is determined by their packaging and environmental impact. We operate across the entire waste chain, from collection and transportation, to selective sorting and the incineration of domestic, medical and industrial waste generated by the camp. This management includes all types of waste, whether solid, liquid or gaseous. At some site we also implement composting as per the client recommendation.

Pest Control

In order to create and maintain a healthy environment on-site, Zia contributes to the eradication of various pests that carry infectious diseases, such as malaria. Sanitary safety is our constant priority.

Laundry Service

Zia provides laundry services for all of its residents’ work clothing, personal garments and bed linen (sheets, towels, etc.). Our services include laundry collection, washing, ironing and the distribution of linen.

Cleanliness of the facilities!